Before class time on Tuesday, November 2, be sure to do the following…

  • Read my Announcement.
  • Write a NEW story in any POV you like (First Person or Third Person), but focus on the setting and, by changing the setting, you’re probably refocusing the context
  • You have two options for Short Story 2.
    • Take your story from Journal 5 and fictionalize it by putting it in a totally different setting.
    • Or, you can take your story from Week 8’s exercise (using the pictures A, B, or C), and place that story in a totally different setting.
    • More settings from Creative Writing Now:

Have your story take place…

  1. in a tattoo parlor
  2. at the zoo at night
  3. in an abandoned hospital
  4. in a submarine
  5. in a magnet factory
  6. in the vault of a bank
  7. in a bridal shop
  8. in the kitchen of Buckingham Palace
  9. on the edge of a cliff
  10. entirely in the dark
  • You aren’t required to use one of these settings, of course, but hopefully you see what I’m wanting you to focus on!
  • First draft is due on Tuesday, November 2!
  • You don’t have to post it yet, but have it ready by class time! We’re doing something different for our reviews on Tuesday. (Check your City Tech email for more information!)

During and after class on Tuesday, November 2, we will…

  • Do a “Review Marathon” of everyone’s stories! (Check your City Tech email for more information.)

On Thursday, November 4, students will…

  • Journal Assignment 6: Reflect on your experience with short story writing—good, bad, so-so, and why. Title it Full Name, Journal 6 and save it under the category Journals by 11:59 PM on Thursday, November 4.
  • Begin collecting at least four poems you’ve enjoyed in the past. (This will be used later in the class.)
  • Read/Watch Staceyann Chin’s “Tsunami Rising.” Be ready to discuss it in class!