It was a nice day in a small village. Most of the days it gets cold. Many people will visit this village because of the nice view. Molly and Johnson were from this small village. They both met each other in High school. These couples were talented and they both had the thought of joining a small band just for fun. Even though the band wasn’t popular Molly enjoyed singing for her boyfriend. However, her boyfriend wanted to be popular so they both decided to step ahead and chase their dreams which were to move to LA, and get money with their music.

Molly would be the one singing and John was the one that produced the music. Their music started to peak its popularity in 2016, and this would be one of John’s first projects. He wanted a quirky band that bought many views because of its uniqueness. However, Molly didn’t agree with John’s plan because she felt like she wasn’t being herself most of the songs were written by her, and she just wanted to express herself. This would become a constant argument. Unfortunately, they decided to break up but Molly has expressed that John was really obsessed with her which made her disappear from all social media because she felt paranoid.

Many fans were worried about Molly’s state and wanted to ask questions however there were no answers for her. John continued with his idea of creating a similar idol as Molly. This time the singer will be slightly different than Molly for example she would still have the same blonde hair and talk the same tone of voice. However, she would have to mention obscure stuff on the internet to gain an audience. A few years passed and Molly decided to talk about the truth. Many people defended Molly, and they were happy that she was back. However, the new singer defended John saying that he was a good person and that he would never do this. Unfortunately, many believed the new singer, and many fans attacked Molly which made her disappear again. That’s until there was a lawsuit, and Molly won the case. She hasn’t made any music but she had wanted to follow her dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Now it seems that Molly has finally moved on. I see her chasing her dreams of becoming a lawyer and helping out those that need help. Even though she hasn’t created any new music her fans support Molly’s decision.