Theodora Jane Foster was born on a frosty winter day in December. Her other siblings were all born months and months away from her. She was born on the last day of the last month of the last minute of the day. Funny enough this was exactly how her life went. “Thea” as her family called her ever so sweetly, was most probably ignored for her whole life. She has 7 older siblings, all of who are shining stars, in her parents’ eyes. No matter how hard Thea tries she always seems to be just wrong to her family.

The first time she noticed she was invisible was her first fight with her older sister, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is only 3 years older than her but it was almost like she was the youngest. That stereotype, of how the youngest is the most loved, most spoiled, most cheered, well that was Elixabeth. Anywho, this fight between Thea and her sister begun because, Thea was hungry after school one day. Elizabeth had been given oven, and kitchen permission since she was 9 now. Thea being 6 had not. Thea asked her sister, “Can you please make me something to eat”. Elizabeth was very excited about this idea! It would be her first time using her kitchen privileges. “Of course I can!” she replied eagerly. Thea went up to her room, waiting for her lunch. An hour passed, Elizabeth still had not called her down, another hour passed and still, nothing. Thea went to investigate, she didn’t even make it all the way down the stairs when she saw the wreck the kitchen was in.

Flour, eggs, pots and pans turned upside down, and smoke coming from the frying pan. A fire quickly arose and browned the hand painted ceiling. Thea remembered grease fires required the flame to be extinguished without water. She saw a rag and threw it over the fire and she saved the day…or so she thought. Next thing you know her parents walk in and the furrowed brows, and exasperated expression from their mouths, sank Thea’s stomach. She knew what was going to happen next. Elizabeth was nervous and hesitant. Almost as if she was plotting out what she was going to say. Exactly what Thea feared is what Elizabeth spoke. “Well, basically, Thea was hungry and I told her not to use the kitchen, since you know she doesn’t have her privileges, I came into help and she threw flour and eggs on me, and then she made this fire happen and everything is her fault” Elizabeth said without a pause in between. Thea was angry but she knew no one could compare to Princess Elizabeth and no one would care what she would have to say.

Still she tried, she muttered, “Actually-” she was stopped short. Her mother picked it up “Actually, you are most defineitely grounded, no playdates, no park, no TV, and dinner in your room for 2 WEEKS” She yelled the last part. This was life for Theodora Jane Foster, a total and complete work of being overlooked, and ignored.

To be Continued…