It’s always been hard for me to involve myself in friend groups most throughout elementary school and middle school. In elementary school it took me a while for me to make friends but after a while.i eventually got around to making some friends and i was able to get pretty close with them. They were the type of friends that I would hang out with every day and play kickball at the school playground. Unfortunately I had to transfer to a farther school from where I lived and I lost the connections I made with my friends. But once I made it to high school I made the commitment to make friends with my classmates and I eventually got around to meeting 2 of my closest friends in my life, both of which I am still friends with today.

In middle school I ended up meeting 2 people including a few others who went on to be the only people I would consider a best friend. Their names were Thomas and Daniel. I met them in the first week of 6th grade in our first math class and luckily we were assigned in the same table group. Year after year our friendship grew closer and closer and we would hang out with each other  every day. Fast forward to the present and while we may have gone our separate ways in life ( one moved to Florida and the other is in the military) we still keep in contact and in December both of them are coming to the city, and we can’t wait to hang out again.