Hello, if you are reading this you must be a student in professor penners class. My name is Angelica Hernandez, I was a student for the fall 2020 semester. I’m writing this to you because it’s an assignment. As with most of the professors’ assignments, this is one of the exciting ones. I’m assuming you are taking this course because you either want to become a better writer or you just want to be able to write with fewer restraints. I’m here to tell you are able to do so at the end of the semester. I enjoyed and looked at the assignments given to us. I feel like compared to the other courses I’ve taken this class was one where I didn’t dread any of the work given.

Two assignments that stayed with me were the “meet my __ “ assignment that was given to us at the beginning of the semester because it unintentionally made me reflect on my past and I was able to learn more about myself without even knowing it. Another one that stuck with me was our revised Memoir #2 just because I shared something I never told anyone, it personally felt liberating to do so and I felt brave.

Sharing some things felt easy because it was done virtually, and I didn’t fear a crowd which allowed me to share. A lot of things felt easier because this course was done online, you are given deadlines for the days of the week and you just have to make sure you turn in your work before then. 

Taking this course helped me be able to express my thought in a document. I always had a hard time being able t translate my thoughts into writing. I will use the skills I learned in this course to help me in my career because of its creative based. And to whoever this may concern I hope you enjoy the course the same way I did.