Isabel: *Sends cousin a five year old video from Thanksgiving of the family*

Francheska: Omg! Send me more!

Isabel: That’s all I have from that day. Snapchat did that memory thing (*sad face emoji*)

Francheska: Made me sad low-key. Time and Life has me really emotionally these days.

Isabel: What’s going on cuz? U can talk to me u know, whenever and about whatever

Francheska: I’m just getting older! You’ll get there something happens when you like turn 26 at least for me like I started feeling it when I was 23 but like you just start going through real life stuff like I have friends who are passing away nobody close but you know people from hs like my future isn’t this far away place I’m aware of how much little time I have. 

Isabel: Well right now I’m in the stage where I’m still figuring shit out for myself and close to entering the real world fully u know. But for you its different and I wish I had insight to share with u but just know that thru it all the ugly life brings, there is beauty

Francheska: Yes, exactly! You can listen to me! And ur smart and will understand but you wont fully know what I’m talking about until u get to that age and I can’t wait because you’ll have a cousin with ALOT of wisdom to help you…….

Francheska: Btw, Im talking about me… I’m the cousin with wisdom! LMAO

Isabel: Lmaoo yup! I picked up on that *laughing face and pink hearts*