Me and my brother:

Me: Hey bro

Brother: Wassup

Me: Can u please bring me redbull, I’ll give u the money. I need to do my assignments today and I need the red bull

Brother: U didn’t sleep good?

Me: No

Brother: It’s gonna take some time cuz I’m with my friends now. U can’t drink coffee instead?

Me: No, coffee is gonna be too weak for me today. How long u think u gonna take?

Brother: Dunno, maybe hour or two 

Me: (Sad emoji)

Brother: Which one u want?

Me: Small light blue can 

Brother: Gotchu sis

Me: Thank youuu, but please can u try to make it fast?

Brother: Ok

Me and my friend:

Her: Can I see this weekend?

Me: Aww, where?

Her: Anywhere you want no problem

Me: How about tomorrow? Is it good for you and I will come with Omar (my bf). Cuz I work this weekend

Her: What time? I have dr. appointment at 1:30

Me: So probably Omar has to go for his drills in the morning and he should be done by afternoon

Her: Ok, afternoon like at 3:30?! 

You guys decide where you wanna go, let me know and I’ll find out how long it takes me from the doctor because he’s in Bay Ridge and 5th Ave

Me: That’s okay, you can take your time with that, I have to go get my nails done too in the morning, and will go to the mall to return something

Her: Ok, we’ll let each other now when we’re done 

Me: Cool, and I will let you know if Omar is coming also, because they didn’t tell him to come yet from his base 

Her: Ok baby

Me and my schedule coordinator at work: 

Me: Hello Mary, can you switch me to the morning shift if there is a chance?

Mary: Hiii yes. I’ll work on that for you and let you know when 

Me: Thanks

Mary: Just note I would have to move some days around for you in schedule 

Me: What do you mean by that?

Mary: If I can keep you with the same schedule you normally work I will. But if there are some days that I’m fully staffed then I cannot place you on those days, because everyone has a schedule already. 

Me: Ohh, but it’s okay if you put me on the new schedule for January from the morning. 

Mary: You want to change your schedule to mornings in January then?

Me: Yeah. I wouldn’t mind working from December if you at least give me heads up on what days I will work

Mary: Oh okay. I have an opening starting this calendar. If you don’t take it now I will offer it to another nurse because I need to move someone. 

With that being said, hopefully there’s a morning opening in January. If there is, I’ll remember you want it. 

Me: Okay perfect, December works for me, but please do not put me on Wednesdays I have classes.

Mary: Okay

Me: Thanks