Sarvesh and Matthew Chat

Sarvesh: S Matthew: M Me: D

S: Y’all wanna do something?

M: When?

S: Week after next week. I think. Isn’t it usually last two weeks in December.

M: It’s the week following my birthday. And some of the week after that too I think.

S: I got one exam this week. On Saturday. But I’ll be free Saturday night.

D: I was thinking y’all wanna go back to Book-off? We can spend more than three hours.

S: Sure.

M: Yeah I wanna go.

S: The big man said so let’s make it happen.

D: Awesome. Y’all wanna do next week or this weekend? Or this week.

S: They’re closed on Sunday of this week?

D: I don’t know what tests/assignments y’all have.

S: Sunday night would work best for me. Oh nevermind Matt gotta be at his grandmas on Sundays remember.

D: Friday I have class till 3:20.

S:Thursday I got a meeting.

D: Also I can buy Nier there.

S: Tmrw?

D: ? Oh I have class till 5:20. So we wouldn’t have a lot of time.

S: So it seems a day next week then.

D: only an hour and a half. Yeah.

S: Would we have enough time Friday.

D: If you and I left here at 3:30 we could get there at 4:30.

S: I could

D: That’s three and a half hours. But we did that last time and it wasn’t enough. We need like five hours.

S: Ya ik. Lool yes.

D: I’m free Monday Tuesday and Thursday all day. Wbu.

S: I’d have to get back to you on that

M: I’m free everyday after 2/3.

D: Sarvesh it’s up to you.

S: Okay I’ll let u know by Sunday.

Sanjeev, Sarvesh, and Me

Sanjeev: JV Sarvesh: S Me: D

JV: Ya playin again 2nite?

D: Yeah probably

JV: Bet add me 2 nd I’ll prolly play too

S: Bro I feel like my wasd keys gonna stop working soon. I’ve gotten pretty good at fighting. Once I get the elemental combinations down it’s clipped. I’ve started to use superconductor a lot more.

JV: U tink dat game gon break yo keys? U ain’t ever c me button smash ina game yet lmao.

D: LMAOO. Superconductor helps a lot. Also overload.

S: Man this is so much fun. I can’t wait to get to rank 16. Almost to 14.

JV: Glad yuh enjoying sum

S: We closing in boyz.

D: Yeah you get to work with other characters when you do co-op.

JV: I ain’’t touch d game yet. I started an anime yesterday and forgot.

D: What anime?

JV: Mirai Nikki


JV: It’s pretty good but it’s jus like

D: love that one.

JV: Wat the fuck. Shit keeps u hooked

D: It’s great. Really interesting thriller.

S: I gotta rewatch that. It’s so good

JV: Yeah I’m still waiting to see what else gon happen. I’m only halfway done

S: Oooo. Enjoy it.

D: Yeah shit hasn’t started yet. 

Fred and Me

Fred: F Me: D

F: Hey wanna come by Monday or Tuesday. Val will bring Mila and Kyle will be here.

D: Yeah I’d love that.

F: Monday?

D: Monday.

F: Monday afternoon.

D: Got it

F: Text Val too. Kyle will be here too.

D: Kay. Is it cool if I come around 4?

F: Yah that’s good

D: Kay