Text Threads

For her Birthday Gift

Kiara: Hey I plan on getting a custom sweater for Kungas birthday, Idk what to put on it, do you have any ideas?

Angelica: Get her one related to anime!

Kiara: Idk the characters send me them later.

Angelica: Okay got you.

Later that day

Kiara: Hi can you send the anime picture thing for Kunga

Angelica: Omg, okay, wait for a bit I’m currently not home

Kiara: Okay thanks, you can just tell me the name, and I’ll choose one

Angelica sends two photos of the character

Angelica: I found these two, for the first one it would look good sideways          If you find betters ones then go for it

His name is Levi Ackerman 

     Kiara: I’ll go with the first one

      Angelica: Period, it looks cool

          Kiara:Teehee thank you

In need 

Angelica: Hey Gian can you send me $2 I’ll pay you back?

I’m at the pharmacy picking up my stuff and I don’t have enough LMAOO

Gian: Ye

Angelica: Aye thanks

Gian: Sent 

Angelica: Thank you

Also later can you help me with Hunter stuff?

Gian: Yeah just let me know when

Angelica: Alright thanks!

Hair talk

Angelica: Hey guys, are we going to play today?

Carlos: I can just let me know

Gian: I’m probably going to be ready around 11;30ish

Kunga: Same I’m cutting my friends hair

Angelica: Make her bald

Kunga: I’m giving her a bob

Angelica: Omg, shes brave

Kunga: Ill send a before and after

*sends a photo, her friend’s hair is very long*

Angelica: Holy shit, her hair is long as fuck, I want my hair to be that long:(

Tamids: omg does she use rice water?

Kunga: Bro her hair grows mad fast

Angelica: ugh lucky

Kunga: Tamids she doesn’t LMAO

Angelica: That length is going to take me two years</3

Tamids: damn that’ll take me a lifetime

Kunga: Okay BRB

20 minutes later Kunga sends two images one during the cut and one after.

Angelica: Nah the first photo Hahaha

Kunga: I’m talented

Angelica: Girl that’s not a bob

Kunga: I know, she didn’t want to go shorter

Angelica: She shy

Kunga: Literally

Kunga: Alright guys Ill join the call when I get home!

Angelica: Okayyy

Tamids: Oke byee