It was this time of the Martian year, the winter here is twice as long as earth but you will get used to it. My story began when I left the earth a few years ago to come live on Mars; I heard that on Mars there are better jobs and opportunities but I have not hear about the cold long winter. The calendar here is different since the month is twice as long or it could be the year has twice as many months as the earth. It was approximately November 55th, or maybe it felt like it. I was receiving a video call from earth; something important it seemed since my spaceship was flashing way too many times. I used my computer in my spaceship; they are connected so whenever I get a call, the spaceship lights go on. I was far with my friend who also came to March for better opportunities. We were having a chat and enjoying each other’s company since that’s all what we had left after leaving the earth. We left our families there; they are too old for the life demands on Mars but we still kept connections through video calls. 

My spaceship would not stop flashing so I had to go and see who is calling. I walked towards my spaceship with heavy feet but floating at the same time. The land texture was so desert-like and there are no plants here, not even grass. I walked slowly; just like how life have been feeling since I got here. On my way, I was wondering who is calling me that persistently but I kind of knew who. Off course it was my mom; she came to Mars with me but she barely leaves her spaceship because she does not like the weather and the land here. The way to get to my spaceship was too long and I was lazy for a second I was not going to bother picking up, but I did. It was my mother crying; she looked like she was in pain. I was very concerned with too many questions; “what happened?, “are you ok?” I asked my mom but she could not even breathe well so I got no answers. I kept asking so she answered with two words; “your grandma”. The two words were enough to make my space suit feel like a freezer even though it had a built in heat system; I was very cold all of a sudden. 

I knew the rest of her words before she say it; my grandma was gone. My grandma was still living on earth before she was gone. The only means I would speak to her is through video calls and I just spoke to her a few days ago!. She was ok and I was the happiest person on Mars for a moment with all my sweet childhood memories that she brought in the video call. I felt my suit getting heavier and colder, or maybe it was my heart. I froze. I missed her and I promised to go back to earth to see her soon, but it was not soon enough. She left but I did not get a chance to say goodbye. Was I too slow or did she go too quickly?, maybe because we were living in different planets; her on earth and me on Mars. Damn you Mars!, and damn you time on Mars!.