On a island known by very few, men and woman roamed the lands, fulfilling their appropriate duties. As men hunted animals, women planted fruits and vegetables which will then be gathering by them. One afternoon, the sun glistened on all the fresh produce as She picked them one by one. She was a nameless seventeen year old girl, who loved her life on the island but often found herself giving in to the thought of having something more. Accompanied by her mother Ruby on the fields, they talked about the new role that She would have as wife, as She was set to marry Hades at the age of twenty-one.

Ruby: Today when we get back home you will prepare the meal yourself to practice your cooking skills.

She: Mom, shouldn’t there be more to my life, to all women’s lives, then to just cook and clean for their husband? 

Ruby: Now, since you were a little girl, you knew this would be your life and I have prepared you for such to avoid consequences. Besides, you should feel lucky that Hades asked for your hand, you are a very beautiful girl. 

She: But….

Ruby: That’s enough. Instead of dwelling on your thoughts you should start thinking about more important things, such as your new name. 

On this island, girls remain nameless until it is time for marriage, in which during their years of growing up, they learn the roles that will be expected of them. The girls are referred to as She, only having their features set them apart from each other. The girls’ name was to be official chosen by the soon to be husband, which is spoken at a magical tree located in the middle of the island, that grows bigger each time a couple is married. This is were the two are eloped and the girl now has an identity. A purpose.

Typically, the parents choose the man for their daughter, but this wasn’t the case for She. Hades, who was known for his deep blue eyes, charming smile and his ability to share his opinion so freely and proudly, choose She to be his wife. Hades told her that he was mesmerized by her long, black curly hair and knew in his heart that she will follow his ways. Stunned by those ocean eyes, She began to think that maybe this life would not be so bad. Days became months, and months became years of listening to Hades thoughts, unable to share her own because he would no allow it. He would sometimes speak of what is expected of her, as a wife. Telling her who she will become.

Three years pass and during those years, She had realized she was shaping herself to be someone she does not want to be. Confidently speaking to her parents, Ruby and Richard, about her wanting a different life for herself, they reminded her of the consequence of exile if she chose not to marry. Not knowing who she was, her day to marry Hades was here, as it was her twenty-first birthday. Dressed in a white simple gown, She and her parents made their way to the trail that leads to the tree, where Hades will be waiting and the entire village. 

Everybody watched She and Hades take their steps as one, on the the glowing trail that started on land, onto the water surrounding the tree and finally the tree itself. Each step that She took felt heavier and heavier, weighing on her heart because she knew this is not who she wanted to be. Releasing Hades hand She said “Fuck this” with the biggest smile and leaped off the trail into the water, that was cold to the touch but refreshing. In the house packing her things, She’s parents met her there and each gave her a warm hug, and a kiss on her forehead. Meeting their eyes, she told them that everything will be fine and expressed her love to them. She made her way out the house and walked away from the village, each step feeling lighter and lighter in the most freeing way. She was not sure who exactly she was or wanted to be but She was willing to take this journey for She will make a life for herself, on her own terms. She, who has chosen the name Liberty.