Amna Ahmed


ENG 1141

Short Story 2

I never thought that we would actually get a cat. For so long we have tried to get a cat. Ever since we were children, we had begged and sobbed of a cat. Many reasons were thrown in our face, “we don’t have the space”, “they smell”, “they’re a lot of work. “they’re a lot of money,”, or “they’re haram”. After a while we kinda just gave up. However, this changed once we moved into a house from an apartment. Suddenly all those reasons didn’t sound so bad. We have the space now, the smell can be dealt with, everything takes effort, we have money now, and cats are actually not haram. Of course, it only took my brother speaking up to finally get a cat. 

The cat came in a show box all bundled up in a baby blanket. I never saw something so small so up close. First time holding her felt so magical. I was holding a life that was now in my care. I was going to feed her, raise her, and love her. The realization felt similar to how it would be to have a baby. Although, cats are much easier than babies. In a way, she is my baby. My not human baby. Her fur is black with hints of white around her neck like a scarf, around her paws like gloves and socks. 

I’m so thankful for her. She brings me so much happiness and peace. Seeing her after a stressful day, eliminates all the bad. All that’s left is the warm feeling in me.