Journey to the edge of a cliff

Jose was told by a beautiful sign that over looked New York City. It was a cliff that no wanted to travel because of the obstacle of large rock at the beginning, but the rest are great signs of tall trees and the nice the mile walk to get to it. However, Jose decided to make this trip to get away from the tuff city, and peer pressures he faced all his life. He wanted to for once overlook the grade school grade school’s teacher that told he would not make it in college, or laughed at me of his financial goals. Jose wanted to reminisce on the most important past event that changed his life that was passing the Police Department sergeant’s exam being the top in the department.

Jose started to make the walk up when he noticed the steep hill and larger rock. As he started to climb up, he started to think about The Police Department sergeant’s exam which is one of the toughest exams out there that someone has to take. He thought about the horrible flashback of studying 1000 pages of material in an 8-month period. He remembers being told by colleagues that passing this exam is also considering to harder than the NYS bar exam. Jose remember seeing officer in his department that are well educated with master degree with GPA higher than 3.5, but they could not conquer this accomplishment. He wonders if it was the over confidences of themselves or the mentality of it cannot be that hard.

As Jose made it up the first rock which was the toughest obstacle he laughed because he remembers this is nothing compare to the sacrifices, dedication and all the negatively he put aside to accomplish a passing grade. Jose studied a year for this exam 7 days a week for at least an hour a day, but 8 months before the exam he was study 3 to 4 hours a day. When it came down to 3 months, he even kicked it up to 6 hours a day. The hardest part of studying was finding time to actually study and working full time. As Jose hop down on the group on the other side he looked up at the rock and laugh. This is what deterrent people to accomplished the beautiful sign.

Jose continues his journey as he looks down his path all he sees are the sky and the tall trees. As his head scramble through different thoughts of all the internal stress of his job which motivated him to pass the exam. Jose find himself every working day making a plan A or plan B with his wife, because of the uncertainty of him not getting home in time. It can be a random day, and he will find himself working a double or even more than 24 hours straight. Also, he felt he had to get promoted in the department to avoid conflict with my supervisors. This was definitely a motivation for him to become a supervisor in the police department because he does not see himself being a police officer for 25 years dealing with these internal stresses for his rest of his career. Also, Jose wanted to prove to himself that his grade school teachers are wrong about what he can accomplish.

Jose was stopped in his tracks by the edge of the cliff as he sees the fog separating as the sun rise, and he sees the city appear in the distances. He felt instead pride like he did passing the Police Department sergeant’s exam. As he looks down, he remembered being told multiple times by his co-workers that you will not pass it on your first attempt. As he looked down at the city, he smiles with the feeling of having control over the city. The pride of overlooking the city. Jose finally had an upper hand of the city that makes people crumble, and destroys them mentally. He looks at the city remember all the dreams that was crushed by city. Now, Jose must continue advance in life. Being at the edge of the cliff motivated him even more. This cliff is a reminder of all the people that failed by not trying or under estimate the journey to the edge. The accomplishment to the edge of the cliff is an inspirational journey to keep working towards your goals.