1. If You Forgot Me by Pablo Neruda – I like it because it expresses the essence of illusion in falling in love: correspondence. It is the definition of a healthy infatuation, rooted in freedom where if the beloved doesn’t  correspond, she will be free from the poet’s feelings.
  2. Let America Be America Again by Langston Hughes – I really like this one, it talks about what America should be which is “The Land of the Free” and how it has failed to fulfill that promise, we should all read it because it shows the reality we are living right now. 
  3. All the World’s a Stage by William Shakespeare – I like it because it outlines every stage of our lives, there were some words I did not understand at first but I was actually able to picture every stage in my head. 
  4. If by Rudyard Kipling – I really love this poem because it represents much of what as a person I would like to achieve in my life and I consider that it contains some of the best life advice that I have been given.