It was a cold winter night, in one of the New York City two bedroom apartments, when Simone was making her favorite hot chocolate to keep her warm. The heat was on but it was not warm enough; Simone had to wear an extra sweater to keep her warm. Someone started knocking on the door; “who is on the door?” she asked but no one answered. Simone started getting nervous and got up to see who is knocking her door at ten o’clock at night when her boyfriend is covering a nightshift at working this day. “It is me”; an answer finally is heard, “who are you?” Simone asked. The voice seemed familiar to Simone but she was not sure who the person was; she was a woman probably in her mid thirties; her voice was shivering as if she was too cold to talk. Simone could feel the shivering in the lady’s voice and was so tempted to open the door but afraid that she might be a thief. “I am Karolyn” the lady answered, “ I am your best friend Karolyn”. All of a sudden, Simone’s eyes were filled with joy and tears, she could not believe her ears, “Karolyn?” she said in shock. Simone have not heard from Karolyn since they were seniors in college, Simone and Karolyn were best friend since middle school and did everything together even went to college and majored together. Simone had a disagreement with her family and moved out to live by herself, when Karolyn’s family knew, they prohibited her from having any contact with Simone as she was considered a bad influence. Karolyn had to choose between her family and her best friend which was a very difficult decision, Simone was not only her best friend, she was the only true friend she had over the years and gained her trust. Karolyn was forced to stay away from her until they moved to another state and never heard from her since.

Simone opened the door and stared at Karolyn’s face, scanning her features to see if she truly is her best friend. Karolyn ran into her arms to give her the warmest hug, probably warmer than the hot chocolate and the extra sweater. “How have you been and how are you here, who told you where I live?” Simone’s mind was filled with questions to Karolyn but Karolyn was too exhausted to answer it all at once, “it does not matter now, I will tell you later”. Simone made Karolyn a cup of hot chocolate and started chatting on the couch, Karolyn came back for a job interview and she did not know where to stay but at Simone’s, she knew where she lives from Simone’s sister who still had contact with the family. Karolyn and Simone spent the night talking about what they have missed from each other’s lives; their relationships, their successes, their failures, and their disappointments as if they were catching up on life. All of a sudden, the cold apartment was filled with giggles and warmth; they fell asleep on the couch for this to be their first sleepover after more than ten years.