The mother looked like she was in distress. The younger daughter looked like she was ready to start laughing. The older daughter however, was ready to fight. They had just turned the corner passing by a bodega when they were stopped by the group of men standing outside the bodega. The mother was wearing a hijab while the other two had their hair free. The men targeted the mother saying, “Go back to your country! We don’t want terrorists here!”. The mother and daughters were shocked to hear such hateful words from what looked to be fellow muslims. The men looked to be of Arab descent while the women looked to be South Asian. After getting over their surprise, the older daughter got in their face ready to argue. “Don’t you dare talk to my mother like that, you piece of shit! It’s kind of hypocritical of you calling us terrorists when you’re also muslim. You apply to the stereotype as well. Dumbass.” After the daughter had said her piece to the men, she turned to her mother and authoritatively said, “Let’s go.”