In high school I had many girlfriends, I enjoyed my friendship with all of them while it lasted although they never really lasted too long. I never really had a whole group of girlfriends it was just me and whichever friend at the time. My friendship with one of them Samantha, I think was one that changed me. We knew of each other in 9th grade and there was drama between the both of us and it resulted in us not liking each other. Scratch I did not have a reason to not like her she just didn’t like me based on a rumor she heard. Anyways, in tenth grade we were placed in the same class, and because of our last names we sat around the same area in the classrooms and sometimes she would sit next to me. Let me just say because of our “drama” it was awkward to be sitting next to her, she didn’t really like me, and Samantha was not afraid to show it. Sitting next to her in certain classes we were forced to work together on class assignments, it was hard to work together at first because we never really agreed with each other on how we would do the work, or sometimes she would be rude and say slick comments. It wasn’t long until Samantha and I put the “drama” behind us, for the sake of class assignments and we were able to communicate with each other without tension between the both of us, we actually became really close. We started to hangout more and with time we got to know each other more than we use to. In high school Samantha was known to be a mean girl, getting to know her a bit more. I won’t lie she is a little mean, but she has a good personality and a good sense of humor, she just shows it in a different way sometimes. I appreciate my friendship with Samantha, she helped me gain confidence and would always be there for me when I needed her, but it seemed high school drama was more her thing. We stopped being friends a little after high school. In senior year when time came to apply for colleges Samantha, and I had two different ideas of what life would be like after high school. I had an idea of what I wanted to study, and Samantha didn’t think school was for her. Our senior year was beyond fun and filled with reckless ideas, but when time came for college I had stopped hanging out and became more focused on school. Our priorities were different, and we wanted different things for ourselves, also there was still high school drama she payed attention too, and it just was not my scene anymore. I regret losing my friendship with Samantha, but I did not want to lose focus on my priorities for just a little fun.