There are moments in life when you meet someone and naturally connect with that person. Chris and I were best friends since childhood , we grew up together and went to the same  school together. We always did almost everything together, if our families went on a trip we always accompanied each other, we stayed to sleep at each other’s  house. But things began to change, when I told her about my problems or concerns, she seemed not to care and changed the subject quickly or just told me that those things were not important and immediately  interrupted me with her own problems and told me to go out and have fun. This made me feel like the time she has is not dedicating it to me but she expects me to dedicated it to her.When I sent her messages, sometimes she didn’t respond to me or it took a long time to respond and when she responded, it was because she was alone, or because she had no one else to talk to. Sometimes when I told her my ideas for my future I felt that instead of supporting me, I was discouraged.

Over time I began to realize that I listened and supported her every time something happened to her, but I did not have that same support from her. When I lost my grandmother I expected her to be by my side since she knew how important my grandmother  was to me but she preferred to go visit her family in another state and when she returned she just sent me a message saying she was sorry for my loss. I was there for her, but she was only there for me when she had some interest that I could give her. Sometimes we expect something that the other person is not willing to give us, and that’s what happened to me I expected from her the same support that I always gave her. Our friendship ended when we moved into different neighborhoods and went to different high schools. We no longer looked for each other, we did not talk or sent each other messages, that’s when I realized that our friendship had come to an end. Not all friendships are forever, some also expire and that’s it, we have to know how to accept them.