Up until this moment in my life, I have been a victim of a series of unfortunate events. A major moment being the day my first real best friend pasting away from cancer. It was the day I had just got home from a family visit to Florida and a week before I entered the jungle that is known as high school. Even though she had moved to Long Island our 8th grade and was held back. year because she couldn’t make it to school due to medical reasons, I never thought that she would be gone when we were young. She was one of the purest people I have ever met in my life even today.

She was one of my favorite escape routes, in my generation I always felt like I was forced to grow up faster than I wanted to. She let me be the kid I wanted to be with the rest of the world, she also let me rant about anything and everything without feeling judged. Even when our little trio fell apart, I still had her by my side when the other part of us left, she never chose sides and she let us know about it. It was hard. It changed how I acted towards people and who I let into my life. Even still to this day, it makes me scared to let people in or who I let see me. And it honestly affected how I see myself. It has its negative and it has its positive. Ying Yang right? But as many friends as I get in my life, none will ever match the standard she created. She will forever be my best friend.