There was little need for me to visit somewhere that was buzzing with activity because I’m forced to go to one such location every week so I don’t die. Work. I work at Cava, a chipotle like store that sells Mediterranean food. Because of this job I’m given the unpleasant gift of having to communicate with more people in a day that I would like to in a year. My job is actually not too far away from City Tech, sitting right across the street from borough hall next to shake shack. The particular day that I will be talking about was actually one of the calmer ones. I show up at my job and see our normal severely understaffed crew at work.

Oddly enough, there is not a single customer in sight. After rejoicing at the fact that I don’t have to actually do my job, I question the people there and find out that the store was overrun with customers earlier. It got so bad that all the salads in the store were gone, the person on the grill had the entire maybe five foot grill completely filled with food, and the store had to temporarily be closed to the public while the workers went to other stores to gather supplies. The perfect day for myself. The smell of the cooking proteins was amazing, not only because the grill guy was one of our better ones, but also because I wouldn’t have to endure watching such good food be given away in the worst made bowls I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Alas, my sweet time of laziness was short lived. Soon the customers poured in, dozens asking how my day was, even more making me go through the entire menu until my mind numbed. All while getting within corona range. The only good things that came from that entire shift were the minutes of silence and the fact that I could use the day for this journal.