ENg1141-Creative Writing

Journal assignment 4

Leviza Murtazayeva

The only area I can recall for being full of buzzing activities, is my work place. I work at an Animal Clinic and we see about 50 clients a day, being a walk-in, appointment free clinic, it is a long day for one doctor. It is a process of first sign first serve, which means every client has about an hour or so for a wait time to see the doctor. As a front desk receptionist, I can say I have the hardest task of keeping the clients safe and calm as they wait. Most clients would get annoyed and start being rude, so it is my job to stay calm and answer the questions even though sometimes I feel like it is necessary to answer something back, when there is disrespect. For example, today I worked from 9am to 6pm. The doctor arrives at 10AM to see patients. People begin around the clinic before I have a chance to come in and open the door. We usually allow them to come in and sign at 9:30AM. The clients gathered before the front desk with their animals, some cases were smelly, when a lady came in with a box with a kitten that defecated all over the box, she came in and asked for help. I was alone, setting everything up for the day, printing faxes, getting the medicine from the sent prescriptions, lets say, I was all over the place, and then this sweet late with a smelly box came in. I helped to clear everything out, asked them to step outside because of the Covid-19 policies and continued on with my day taking in patients, answering phones, dealing with unhappy clients, many of them, and etc. It was a hard day for me, started of smelly, which I found ironic.