Leviza Murtazayeva
Memoir #2

Eng. 1141 Creative writing

I can not in actual fact recall a lot from the verity of being anonymous in any certain particular time in my life. But there was a moment where I had to adapt to new style of living. I was about of age of 9 years old when I moved to New York City. I had zero knowledge of English, American lifestyle, culture, people, diversity
and many other things that flew my way when I stepped out of the airport. I felt mostly anonymous when I was placed in to the new world, I grew up in a
completely different environment where my beliefs and traditions really differed from what I have experienced when I moved in to the united states. Back in my foreign country everyone used to know of each other and have an idea who everyone is which made the country as one big family. So when in fact I did move out, I basically, felt like a stranger without a name and no one heard of me except my mother, my father and my little brother. In fact I did have a name but no
one knew of me, made me feel like I am anonymous.

It is fun to think about it now, half of my life time has passed since that moment, I have adapted to many things. My language skills are a lot more advanced, my style has altered from being traditional to my foreign country, to something what most can call “vintage street style” in clothes, music and anything in general. My beliefs as well are very different. Many situations in my life, forced me to become mentally strong, fast paced and more rational than most people my age. I can consider myself very independent because life that I was put in has forced to become this way.

This makes me feel like it is an anonymous situation because no one really had any idea what I have been through, they may assume, but never knew what has been needed to occur for me to be one complete person. I am now a person of my own values, experiences and knowledge which has grew out from many situations that were brought up to me.