I am not someone who enjoys writing and reading. However, if I have to read and write then I will, it is not much a problem for me. I just do not like to because its not enjoyable for me when I do have to. Writing the memoirs so far has not been as bad as I thought it would be. The experience so far has been so-so for the most part. Again, this mostly has to do with me not enjoying to write. A big part of why I do not like to write is because I run out of things to say or I never know what to talk about. For example, when we had to write a journal entry about a time we felt anonymous was very hard for me. I had no idea what to write about and how to go about it. After a while, I had an idea but I didn’t know if it would be applicable. Another reason as to why I do not like to write is the editing that has to be done. I hate proof reading my work. It is so weird and uncomfortable to re-read what I wrote. However, there have been times where i can write much more easily. This mostly happens when I am given a clear topic to write about. I find that writing argumentative essays and/or analysis essays are much easier to write than creative essays. Throughout my high school years, I have had to write mostly analysis essays or argumentative essays which is why I find them more easier. Also, these types of essays have a clear topic and outline as to what and how to write them. So the work on how to write the essay is pretty much done for you.