Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Meet My Ring – Revised

I’ve always wanted a ring. I wanted to wear something that symbolized a promise to myself. That promise I wanted it to be that I would fight for my desires, that I would accomplish my goals and dreams. Some may find it corny that I just want a ring to promise myself that but truthfully, I have faith that I could it do if I set my mind to it. In my senor year of high school when we were all choosing what schools we would like to apply to I had choose to apply to schools that would have a nursing major. In my head I being a nurse always caught my eye but I knew it really wouldn’t be my passion passion. When summer came around last year, I was always looking at rings and when looking at them I always thought, I can get one for myself and promise myself to never give up in college and to make my dreams come true. To also find happiness along the way of looking for my success.

I would spend some days of the month looking at all kinds of rings, all different shapes and colors, and see one that really catches my eye. When my cousin seen that I was looking to buy a ring she told me that she would buy for me for my birthday and I was really excited to finally get my ring. I knew that it was going to mean a lot more to me because someone in my family and important to me was going to buy it for me. She told me to look at ones that caught my eyes, I seen a few but they just didn’t click with me. So then we the time came of her looking i told her to get one that best fit me and my personality.

Its weird but when I had finally got the ring, I felt very well connected to it and I knew that I was going to keep my promise that I made to myself. So, as having that promise I never left my house without my ring, I would never take it off. It was now apart of me and I loved looking at it when I was close to giving up and I remind myself not to give up and to keep trying.


  1. Jozelyn

    Isabel, I’m in awe with your reason as to why you wanted a ring. It is truly beautiful that you wanted to keep promises to yourself and be the best version of yourself that you can be. Many people get rings to symbolize marriage, or a commitment to a relationship. However this is a commitment to yourself, which is amazing! What does you ring look like?

  2. Robert Rampersaud

    Good Evening Isabel,
    I am happy you finally got a ring, and you kept the same mind set of getting a ring will give you the drive to never give up. Does your cousin understand how much the ring means to you?

  3. nickay82

    Hello Isabel, Its really grate to hear that you got a ring that is a perfect fit for you. I am also happy to know that your ring symbolizes more than just a piece of jewelry to you. Keep motivated, and all the best in your studies.

    Does the ring have any personalized features?

  4. Adama Barro

    Hello ISABEL SELMO i am happy for you to finally get your ring, some people may see it as just a ring but it is more than that,it an inspiration, a reminder, and a companion who always keep you going.
    At some point you will outgrow this ring, would you be able to replace it?

  5. Angelica Salazar

    Hi Isabel I enjoyed reading about your ring and how it means a lot more than just a simple piece of jewelry. I thought it was amazing to read that you made a promise to yourself, to never give up and to reach your goals. Are there any colored gems on the ring? What does it look like?

  6. Amna Ahmed

    Hi Isabel, it’s really unique that you chose to put such meaning to a ring that you did not have. The ring that you now have is a very symbolic to you which represents your ambitions and goals.
    What made you want to chose a ring instead of a necklace?

  7. Angelica Hernandez

    Hi Isabel, I love how you got yourself a ring as a constant reminder to not give up . I like how you looked at many models aswell to get the right one.
    Question: How does your ring look like?

  8. Mamadou

    I like how the ring is used for more than just fashion and is something that keeps you going.

    Have you ever misplaced the ring?

  9. Marina Malak

    Hi Isabel,
    I love how you talk about your ring, for a second I thought that it a marriage ring. Your ring symbolized a promise to your self just like the marriage ring. I like how you are committed to wear it always and it reminds you of your dreams and future, just like being married to your success.
    what attracted you to wanting to be a nurse?

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