Good friendship is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

From second grade to 5th grade we were in the same class, I find her arrogant,was always calm,clean,never in trouble and on top of all that she was the smartest of the class during all those years,I confess at the time, i was jealous,jealous of why she was so perfect.

My mother was my school teacher from first to seven grade (I am from Africa,up there only one or two teachers teach the entire 60 students of the class), i wasn’t a bad student but anytime i find myself in trouble,i would hear my mom voice comparing me to that perfect and smart little girl. 

For some reason, at 6 grade the little challenging and perfect girl moved to a different city with her family.

Since that time i never saw her again, although i wasn’t a fan of her,after 26 years, with social media in particular Facebook, through a mutual primary school classmate, i ask for her and it happens they know each other.

After contacting her i was amazingly surprise to find out she became a beautiful young lady, with a great humanitarian job, helping women and children,

From that day to now we became best friends. We shared everything privately and professionally  and I was so surprised by her to find out that she was also very impressed by me and after 26 years she still remembers our childhood.

She is my best friend,my hero and my inspiration.

We still haven’t seen each other yet but are planning a vacation together in December .

I can’t wait for that.