Throughout my life, I’ve met some amazing people. Since I came to USA, I was introduced to a new lifestyle and new people with different backgrounds I’ve never thought of meeting. Just as I began my middle school with a friend of mine named Tanim, that has always been around since the first week of my school year as a 7th grader. We used to sit at the same table, him and I, helping one another with school work and chatting around classes. By 8th grade we had different classes but we still used to talk time to time. He made a friend that I knew named Siyam but I wasn’t as close to. Flash forward to High School. We are all in different schools in 9th grade, then three of us decide to hang out one day to catch up on things. We weren’t as close of friends still but after that first hangout session we had, we became much closer to one another as we hung out more often. I’ll never forget the first day we hung out together, we went to the Bronx zoo since we had free tickets and we stayed till the zoo closed at 6 pm, we talked and talked and got to know each other in a different perspective because that was the first time the three of us went somewhere on our own. Since that day we started to hang out, eat out, go places around the city. It’s been about 6 years we’ve known each other and I’m really grateful that I’ve met them. We know each other like brothers because over the years our friendships developed into a lifelong relationship. Last summer we took our first trip outside of NY, we stayed in a hotel and airbnb for about a week and enjoyed our summer with the boys! Sad to say there are arguments time to time but we patch it up over time. Last month we had a falling out with Tanim because of a serious argument we had while we were heading home from upstate. To be completely honest the argument was mostly between Tanim and Siyam but I didn’t like how Tanim handled the situation so I’m on Siyam’s side. They haven’t been talking to each other since that day and none of us were hanging out anymore together at least. I still see my friend Siyam and we still talk but not Tanim. We found it very childish to how Tanim acted towards Siyam so until he realizes what he did was wrong and apologizes to Siyam, they won’t see eye to eye according to what Siyam said. I have to kind of agree with Siyam on this one because Tanim’s ego gets in the way of his judgements sometimes and he doesn’t realize it. I just think we are too grown to not take account of our actions so I want things to get back to normal and see a change in our friendship. We’ve been through way too much rough patches to end this brotherhood over some egotistical actions. So I will invite them together for a meeting once everything settles down to talk things out and put all the nonsense behind us.