Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Nickay Green, Journal 1

I don’t have many friends. If you ask anyone that is close to me, they would say “I only know of Nickay having one friend since forever” and that would be true. I was always a shy person growing up and was never the person who would answer first in class even if I know the answer. Because of my shyness, I do not make friends easily.

That changed 12 years ago when I was at a place in my life where I got caught up with the wrong crowd and found myself in a lot of mess. During that very dark time, all I could hear was my family telling me I should have known better and judged me without giving me the opportunity to explain myself as to why I was in that mess in the first place.

I remember it was on one of those very depressing days when I couldn’t deal with my mess anymore and the argument from my dad, so I decided to go to the mall for some retail therapy to help me distract myself from all that was happening. I was sitting in the mall food court eating (I cannot remember what I was eating) when a young lady by the name of Asheva came up to me and ask if she could share my table because the food court was full, so I told her sure why not. Not wanting to sit in awkward silence I complimented her hair and next thing you know we were chatting and exchanging phone numbers.

Asheva has been my best friend and my biggest supporter from that day we exchange numbers in the mall food court up until now. She helps me through that difficult time I mentioned prior and never judges me once. And whenever I need solid advice I would always turn to her because I know she will never tell me what I want to hear but instead what is best for me.

The reason she is important to me is that she never judges regardless of the situation, and helped me through many difficult situations. She is also very positive and always try to see the good in every situation. Because of her always say “there is a reason for everything”, I find myself looking at situations with a more open mind and try to understand the “why” in a situation before I pass judgment.

I don’t know how other people best friends are, but having Asheva in my life is more like having a big sister who I know will always have your back no matter what.

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  1. Adama Barro

    It’s so nice to hear uplifting stories like yours, Nickay happy to have you as a classmate.
    First of all congratulation changing your life around, mistake happen but not recognizing it and correcting it is the problem.
    As your “sister ” Ashiva says, there is a reason for everything, i hope you will keep her positive attitude and support other peoples especially young kids.

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