Throughout my life, I have not had many significant friendships. At most, I have had close friends, but never crucial friendships. That was until I met Medina. She means more to me than all of other friendships. I first met her in elementary school. Funny thing is, we did not like each other at first. She had her own best friend and I had my own best friend. I remember very vividly how we would make fun of one another. However, this changed once we went to the same middle school. We did not know anyone else in the school, therefore we started to talk. It was definitely slow in the beginning. By 8th grade, she became my best friend. We always ate at lunch together, hung out between classes, and talked all day long. When I moved to another state, we stopped talking. Even after I came back to New York City we still did not talk to one another. It was until I moved to the same borough as her that we started talking to each other again. It was like we picked up just where we left off. Despite having not talked throughout most of high school, there was no awkwardness or hostility. There were just support and understanding. A year after I moved to the same borough as Medina, our friendship has only gotten stronger as we aged.

Medina is significant to me because she is someone that I can truly be myself around. We understand each other in a way that our other friends do not. She is someone who I can go to for advice, a laugh, an honest comment, and for the truth. The biggest reason our friendship is so strong is because we relate to one another so much. We have similar family problems, similar humor, similar cultures, and similar values.