The idea of starting high school scared me, the idea of possibly getting bullied and not being able to make friends worried me. My high school had a program for incoming freshmen called “Summer bridge” that took place weeks before the start of classes. The program’s purpose was to help incoming freshmen meet each other, which I think was great because I wouldn’t fear being alone at the start of actual class. I entered the class where I was placed and I sat quietly looking around the room. I was looking for someone who I think I would get along with. I saw a girl a couple of rows in front of me and I mentally told myself, “ I think we can become friends”. I was right, that girl I saw, her name is Kunga, I didn’t know then but in the future, we would become close friends,  one of the few people I rely on. We eventually got to meet each other that day and we got along, so after the program, I knew I had her to count on the first day of school. Although we were opposites in a way, for example, she likes k- pop, I don’t, I love horror movies and she hated them. We had the same humor though so it worked. We would eat lunch together every day in the library, and we formed a stable friendship with each other and others, such as our close friend Kiara. Kunga introduced me to many things. For example, in our sophomore year, she took me to Korea town to eat Korean food, which I now love. We hung out after school, we were in the same clubs such as Key Club, PGC, and Senior Committee. One summer we worked together with some of our other friends. We even went through the same drama together. In the present time ( before COVID ), we would hang out a lot with our other friends. All these years that have gone by, and I’m grateful she’s in my life, I felt as if I knew her for most of my life.  Kunga is a friend that I’d thought I would never have and Im excited what the future holds for us as friends.