Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Meet My Phone

I have an android. It’s a nice phone. Solid specs, decent camera, lightweight to the point of feeling like air in the palm of my hands, and cheaper than anything Apple could offer me. I spent my entire life with android, preferring the ability to customize my phone over a high end camera and imessage games. That also means that throughout my entire time with a phone, there has never been an absence of iPhone users flaunting their garbage in front of my face. In the past I couldn’t say anything because I always had the low end phone with the garbage camera. This all changed a bit more than a year ago however.

After several fun stories that include youtube comment rappers and a lightning strike, I managed to get scammed by T-Mobile into paying more for a phone than I ever needed to. But those are stories for future prompts. LG G8 ThinQ. This was actually a pretty significant increase from my old phone, a low end LG phone that escapes me right now. From the moment I laid my hands on a phone that was even moderately decent, I never let an iPhone user talk down to me again. I also did it in the most over the top ways possible. The people at my job probably stopped talking about my android when I threw it into a sink full of water to prove a point. I have probably become the very annoying person who speaks about their phone whenever I get the chance that I hate….but I don’t really care. IPhone users need to be humbled and it brings me joy to do some humbling.

Oh… I probably should have actually mentioned what makes my phone… better… ehhhhhh we be aight.

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  1. Mohammed Hashim

    I respect your loyalty to your android phones. It was a fun read lol. Androids have their own league. I personally think they shouldn’t be compared to iPhones because they have their own ways of working things and it works for people. I think phones are what you prefer to rock at this age, nobody should belittle anybody for what kind of phone they use, we have grown passed that.

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