Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Mohammed Hashim, Meet my smartphone

I’ve upgraded to iPhone 11 pro max beginning of this year because I needed a new phone for a change. I used it a lot on a daily basis since I bought it. Nowadays, you can pretty much do anything on a smartphone you could do on a computer. From social media uses to watching TV shows, movies accessing a streaming service, track your steps and any other emergency needs such as calling 911. Smartphones became one of the life essentials for the new generations. You can easily panic from not finding your phone in your pocket. I was really happy once I finally bought my iPhone but I think I took it for granted. It’s as the saying goes “You don’t appreciate the things you have until you lose them”. I ended up losing my phone after going on one of my summer trips with my friends. I was devastated by the loss because now I have to spend money on getting another phone, invest my time, and collect all of my data. Losing my phone probably have been my worst experience this summer. Here I am still looking to invest in another phone while I temporarily use my friend’s old phone which I am really glad for. I’ve never lost anything as close and as expensive as my phone in terms of accessories. This memory will stick with me for a long time but I appreciate that it happened. I believe everything happens for a reason, whether if it’s good or bad, at the end of the day you learn something or develop into being a better character of yourself.

P.S : I can’t provide you guys with a picture because you know why


  1. Leviza Murtazayeva

    Hey Mohammed, I enjoyed reading your story very much. I love the way you started and ended, the organization is very nice. The story was at first positive but turned out to be a valuable lesson for you others who may read it. I’m glad that now people can learn from your experience that nothing in this world should be taken for granted especially for things you care about the most and have a meaning in your life. Are there other things that you regret taking for granted?

  2. Saja Musa

    Mohammad, I am sorry that you lost your phone. However, I enjoyed your positive attitude at the end when you stated that everything happens for a reason. I truly believe that having a positive attitude will make any situation better. If I were in your position I would have also been devastated not only because this phone is expensive, but because in this technologically advanced world we heavily rely on our phones as the main mode of communication. From contacting our relatives to connecting with old friends on social media platforms, our phones today are very relevant. One question I have for you is, will you repurchase the iPhone 11 or will you purchase an older iPhone version since the iPhone 11 is expensive?

  3. Sarvinoz Erkinova

    Hello Mohammed,
    I’m really sorry for your loss and I also can identify how loss of a phone can feel. I remember my dad told me he would get me the latest Iphone if I graduated high school with advanced diploma and I did and he got me Iphone 5S. I was really happy for it. Since that was my first smartphone, I didn’t know much about using it, and was basically using it for pictures and music and I had few apps. Few months after, when I was going to college as freshman, I had my phone in my bag and my coffee was also there which I didn’t realize was not sealed tightly. All of the coffee spilled into my bag and my phone never turned back on. I was really upset that I just lost my phone which was only few months old and I couldn’t back up on anything when I got the new phone because the back up settings were not on, on my old phone. But, as you said everything happens for a reason, and I got a new phone which my mom had to buy which had more storage. I liked how you had an insight to your situation and learned not to take things for granted. What kind of phone did your friend give you?

  4. Parikshit Thapa

    Hi Mohammed,
    I am really sorry to hear that you lost your iPhone. Even though you lost your iPhone, I really liked how you told your story. Having said that, I know what you have been going through since I lost my older version of the iPhone two years back. I was lucky since I had insurance on my phone so I got a new phone after paying one hundred and fifty dollars. Nowadays, I feel like having a phone is a must. Smartphones have really helped to call our family and friends, to be updated with news all around the world, to listen to music, watch movies, being updated with social media, etc. We are indeed really dependent on our iPhone for our day to day life.

  5. nickay82

    Hi Mohammed
    Thanks for sharing your story and sorry about losing your phone. I do depend a lot on my iPhone for every thing and I cant even imaging how i would feel if I lose my phone. I realize that I myself use my Iphone more than any other device I own. I use it for navigation while driving, movies, reading from my kindle, among many other things. I do hope you get to replace it soon and hopefully you can retrieve some of you contents from your cloud storage.

  6. Mamadou

    I really enjoyed reading your story and though your phone is no LG G8 Thin Q, it is clear you enjoyed it for the amount of time you were together. I like how your story goes from all the things you could use your phone for to the reveal that you lost your phone over the summer. I’m curious on the actual events that led to you realizing your expensive phone was missing.

  7. Isabel Selmo

    It is nice that you choose this specific story to tell us about because, everyone buying their first phone with hard earn more and expensive one at that is huge. You choose to spoil yourself and to upgrade as well. It is also very try that we can do everything on a computer nowadays. I can definitely relate to losing a phone, I remember one I lost my first phone it was so devastating because I couldn’t talk to family member’s far away until I got new one.
    Did you buy your new phone with your own money or did any of your parents help you?
    Did your friend immediately let you use his old phone or did you have to ask more than one?

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