Prof. Jessica Penner | OL05 | Fall 2020

Diana Rivera, Meet My Tie-Dye Shirts

Growing up I always gravitated towards darker colors for my clothing; it always helped me feel comfortable with everything that I felt I lacked physically. But when I started to become one with myself I realized that I needed to show myself off physically the way I felt I showed myself on a personal level, if that makes sense. So I started to wear, as my mom would say it, ‘happy colors’. Then as I continue on my hunt for the perfect color that wasn’t black or grey to be my statement color, I stumbled upon the perfect tie-dye shirt while thrifting with a couple of my sorority sisters. We had all agreed that I needed that shirt no matter the price, but then again it was a GoodWill so how expensive can it be? It was the perfect blend of yellow, green, blue, and pink, with the perfect swirl in the middle of it. It had to be mine.

Ever since the tie-dye and I stumbled into each other’s lives we have been inseparable. I have been in search of multiple tie-dye shirts to go along with the many moods I feel as each day goes by. My neighbors and I are close so whenever they are going to donate clothes to our local thrift stores, they give their bags of clothing to me so I can get first picks. As I searched for the best of the best of my neighbor’s leftovers, I found an oversize blue and purple tie-dye shirt. And even though the back said, “Bear Claw Cabin” I needed it to help me sleep at night. So yea, I took it. I have taken in two tie-dye shirts since the beginning of 2020 and I look forward to finding more to accommodate my many emotions.


  1. Angelica Salazar

    I enjoyed reading your story, I admired when you mentioned that you wanted to express yourself through your clothing. I like how you incorporate tie-dyed shirts with how you show yourself to be. Have you thought about maybe making your own tie-dye shirt? if so what colors would your use? What emotion would that color represent?

  2. maliklee

    Just like you I’ve always gravitated towards darker colors I was one of those people who constantly wore black.I’m glad you were able to find colors that excite you.Have you ever thought of making your own t-shirts maybe selling them to others who had the same problem similar to yours ? maybe you can add inspirational quote on them as well.

  3. Chynaworrell

    I completely relate with this, I literally had to force myself to stop buying the color black. I love how you have different tie-dye shirts to match your mood. I would love go buy my own. What is your favorite color combination?

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