One characteristic that describes Antigone would be strong, another characteristic that would describe Ismene is kind and innocent. For Antigone I would cast Angelina Jolie and for ismene I would cast salma Hayek since Antigone appears to be a hotheaded person and Angelina Jolie has showed that she can be a really hot person time after time in the vast amounts of movies she starred in, and also ismene appears to be a more reasoning type of person which salma Hayek is perfect for this character since she has a kind of higher thinking personality where she is able to reason and be smart about something’s also portrayed in her many movies she starred in. 

If Creon lived in today’s world I would advise him to use Twitter since Twitter is a place where you can voice your opinion in real time for your followers and everyone else to see. Creon is a King who’s job is to voice his opinion and his ruling over his people what better place to give short little speeches and orders than Twitter? Therefore I would advise Creon that Twitter would be best option for his needs.