Unit 3: Multimodal Project Assignment

First Draft Due: April 27

Final Draft Due: May 2


For this assignment you will use the information you gathered for your annotated bibliography, and present it in a multimodal text. The purpose of this piece is to educate your audience about — and perhaps persuade them of something related to — the social justice issue you researched for your annotated bibliography.

Your final piece will go beyond the written word; instead you will communicate using multimodal composing. Think about what you want to say (and to whom) and choose a genre that is appropriate. Regardless of the genre you choose, you must turn in a written component (such as an artist statement or a transcript).

Here are examples of genres you might choose:

  • TED Talk (include written transcript along with the video)
  • Wikipedia entry (include images)
  • Video, photographic, or graphic essay (include artist’s statement)
  • Blog (include images and/or video)
  • Informational brochure (include images)
  • Infographic (include an artist’s statement)
  • Poster with Public Service Announcement (PSA) (include an artist’s statement)
  • You might think of something else!

 If you wish, use a chart like the one below to help you pull your ideas together and plan your piece. Note: you will not submit this chart — it is for planning purposes.


The issue you are writing about:

Audience for your piece:

Genre in which you are composing:

Reason you think this genre is effective for your message and audience:

Modes that make up this genre (images, sound effects, text, etc.):










Add more modes if you wish.


Here are the grading criteria for the Multimodal project:

Your multimodal piece…

  • follows the conventions and formatting of your chosen genre.
  • informs or educates your audience about a social justice issue.
  • integrates research from your annotated bibliography.
  • uses quotes and/or makes reference to specific data or facts from your research.
  • has a 500-word written component (either integrated with the project or separate) that uses tone, language, grammar, and sentence structure appropriate for this genre.
  • has been carefully proofread.
  • has been submitted on time.