I found it much easier to explain my thoughts through a speech rather than a letter since in a speech you are able to speak more openly and to a broader audience rather than a letter which the majority of the time is targeted to one person. I feel like reading AOC’s speech was extremely helpful to me towards writing my speech since before reading her speech I had couple of questions as to how I can best structure the speech and in what way would I be able to reach a more broader audience group rather than targeting it to an isolated group, therefore after reading her speech my questions were cleared and I had a clear template in mind onto how I would go about writing the speech. After writing this I feel like I gave myself a lot less credit in the past than what I deserved since most of my English teacher had always pushed the idea of writing on a higher level to be able to reach more people but after writing in such simplicity I feel like it’s about what you have to say rather than how you say it, which in return enlightened me by showing me a whole different way of writing something important.