1. Mary Wollstonecraft is writing this letter to express her issues with women’s’ rights and as well as their education. She boldly explains all the struggles women were going through, due to their lack of rights and criticism. Wollstonecraft is brief when expressing her thoughts to the recipient of this letter. On page 2 it states, “Fighting for the rights of women, my main argument is built on this simple principle: If woman isn’t fitted by education to become man’s companion, she will stop the progress of knowledge, because truth must be common to all.” Wollstonecraft is trying to prove how women would contribute tremendously to society however, they did not have the freedom to do so. She wants the recipient to understand the flaws of women not having full rights, due to their sex. It is an inequality that was unfair and Wollstonecraft’s purpose was to raise awareness and fix this issue.
  2. The DC Wollstonecraft is a part of is the Women’s Right Movement. She describes the ways that women are disadvantaged due to their sex. They did not have the same rights and could not purse education the way men did. Wollstonecraft was describing how women did not have equal rights and personal freedom. The recipient appears to not be a part of the same DC as Wollstonecraft as throughout the reading and before the entire reading it states, “Sir:” This shows that Wollstonecraft is trying to bring awareness and talk about the different disadvantages of women’s rights and how it impacts people in different DC’s as well.
  3. Quote 1: “Also, while women are only made to acquire personal accomplishments [see Glossary], men will seek pleasure in variety, and faithless husbands will make faithless wives.”

This quote came to my attention as Wollstonecraft is explaining how men often take advantage of women. Wollstonecraft is using descriptive writing as a writing strategy. She is describing men and how they put women in many disadvantages due to the lack of women not having full rights.

Quote 2: “But until men become attentive to the duty of a father, you can’t expect women to spend in their nursery the time that they. . . .choose to spend at their mirror;”

This quote also appealed to me as Wollstonecraft once again, is using descriptive writing. She is being very vague in this quote explaining how women cannot have the full responsibility to take care of a child on their own. Women should have the rights to do whatever they enjoy and should have the full anatomy of doing what they desire.