Dear Future Student,

My name is Romuald Thomas with a message for you. Stop what you doing and listen. This message is for you but also share it with your friends. I simply want to make sure that no one else makes the same mistakes I did when it came to this subject and online classes. Please Take advantage of what is being taught in each lesson and attend every class every day which will help eliminate the chance of you falling the class. Every tiny task is linked to the larger unit project. The skills we learned in each session were really useful, and you should make sure you remember them since they will help you read and write better. One thing I’ll say to pay attention to is the weekly Agenda that help me a lot. It lets you know what is expected from you. As a scholar, the best thing to do is try to be ahead of the class with that mentality you will succeed. Hope you take my advice and stay focus, i’ll see you a the finish line.


Romuald T