Dear Future Student,

Ever wonder how essential writing is? Now have you ever not had faith in your own writing? Have no fear this is the class for you. Whether you are a academically weak writer or a strong one this class goes at your pace. It helps your writing in whatever level you are at. With it developing because of the work you put into it. This work is not some boring assignments forced to get you to write in a specific way or even about stuff you do not care about. These assignments is more about getting to know about yourself as a writer, and figuring out how you like to write. Then helping you develop skills that will assist in your writing not change it. For those who are strong writers there is room for challenge. You can really challenge how you usually write and focus on certain styles if you prefer. Class is for all. There is always plenty of time for assignments to be handed in so really take that time and piece together what you want to say. Some people may have to outline the work, others might have to write it out completely first as a draft before editing it to what they want. Possibilities are endless. So do not be scare or worried. You can get through this class, and it will help you with future classes to come.

On another note, to be successful make sure you do all the assignments before class begins. That way you are ahead and will not forget to do the work later. It is really nice that all the work is posted ahead of time. Gives you the freedom to plan out and get ahead in the class. Highly recommend doing that.

You follow what is said above and not worry and really just let your writing to shape and find you, it is going to be a great time in class with no worries.

Best of Luck,

Gerardo Ramos