Congratulations to you! You’ve already made an awesome decision choosing this course and professor. Let me reassure you that there is no need to be anxious this semester because you’re in good hands! ENG 1121 with Professor Penner is challenging BUT you will do well in the class if you simply pay attention. Keep in mind that the course website called Open lab is your new best friend. There are weekly updates on the agenda and announcement page that will help guide you throughout the semester. On top of that, Professor Penner has gone out of her way to reassure the students if they need extra help. For example, if you don’t understand how to complete an assignment the correct way, Professor Penner will explain it to you however many times it takes until you understand the directions! Don’t save the low stakes or major assignments for last minute either. If you do, it’ll be obvious in your work. As for the reading assignments, don’t you dare show up to class without reading anything! When the Professor asks (and she will) your thoughts on a reading, she will expect responses from ALL of her students. Hint hint… that’s how she takes attendance. Another piece of advice, don’t be shy! It is crucial to participate because it makes class time much more engaging. Also, ask questions! If you’re shy when it comes to asking questions about class work you WILL fall behind and it will affect your grade in class. There is absolutely no need to feel intimidated from an online class and a Professor on Zoom. You will learn valuable knowledge that you can implement anywhere in life. Lastly, DO NOT take advantage of this course. Your brain and spirit will thank you for taking this course seriously at the end of the semester, trust me.