Throughout my whole life i have been part of many different discourse communities

The earliest i can remember would be my elementary school dance class i remember we would have performances for our teachers and parents and have a lot of festivals we would be taught how to do certain dance moves and get partnered up with our classmates and we even did a performance of the nutcracker which i have to say is a core memory of mine doing. of course with being part of discourse communities, comes problems that may arise in them, for example i remember an issue we had to deal with in our dance class was when students did not complete their homework they would be pulled out of the class for the day another issue that we had to deal with was financial issues towards getting our costumes for our performances. We would have to raise money by having bake sales in order for our dance teacher to buy our outfits. Another discourse community I have been part of would be my middle school/high school band class where I learned to play the clarinet. I had really enjoyed that class and was learning so much within the class and our performances we would hold for our school. Our teacher gave us opportunities to take our instruments home so we could practice. For our tests we would take our instruments home and record videos of ourselves playing a certain music piece, and the class had at most 13 kids, it felt like an escape from all the homework and classwork we had going on in other classes around us. It was definitely an experience. Issues that would consist in this class would be that some of us didn’t practice enough or we couldn’t hit a certain note on our instruments, a person issue i had within this class was when our original teacher left the school and i didnt get along with his replacement, the classes ended feeling more like a chore than it did as a fun activity for me to be a part of so i eventually ended up dropping out of the class because it didn’t seem worth it to me anymore. I still went to their performances and cheered on the band as much as I could.