Hello Future Student,

I know you’re probably wondering why it is that I’m writing you this letter. Honestly, I just want to make sure that other people don’t make the same poor choices I did concerning this class and school in general. So here we go! I made the mistake of overextending myself this semester to give yourself as much time as possible to focus on your work. Juggling multiple things at once can create chaos and burn you out. Don’t sacrifice sleep, being tired makes for mediocre work. READ THE AGENDA WHEN IT IS POSTED!!!! If I did this I would have saved so much time and been able to get so much done the right way instead of the quick way. Take the reading slowly and take notes while doing it. That is the most effective way to write quick and insightful responses rather than just saying “It was good!”. Think about how you would relate the content to your own life, this helps to become connected and promotes understanding of the reading. Do as much as you can in advance rather than waiting for class time to do things, you may get time to do them, but you also may not so don’t get things in late. Time management is your best friend and I hope some of you find some QUICK! Have a planner, schedule your time, and schedule some downtime as well. Take care of yourself and speak up if you need help, no one wants to see you fail.

Be Well!

Demetrius Brown-Williams