Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Discussion Question: “Antigone in Ferguson”

What is the tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson?

What kind of research do you think the theater artists had to do to connect this ancient Greek tragedy to a real-life, modern-day one.

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  1. Lisa

    I think the connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the tie with her brothers death and Michael Browns death. Antigones body was going to be left to be eaten by animals and Creon being the leader was going to allow that and enforce that. When Michael Brown was shot his body was as well left there by police officers. The connection is the facts that the leaders who are suppose to protect and look out for the community such as in Antigone’s case the king Creon and in Ferguson’s case the police, they fail to protect their people. As to the production and play itself, I believe that the theatre artists had to understand the community and what was really going on and connect with the people there in order to bring everyone together to display this play and connect it with the issues they experience which I believe they did a phenomenal job at when it comes to expressing that as well as the musical aspect of it too.

  2. Afroza

    The tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson is Michael Brown’s death . This is multifaceted explore themes of tragedy, social justice, and this show is still relevant today. I think the theater artists had to do to connect this ancient Greek tragedy to a real-life, modern-day one which brought together of religion, dance, music and literature.

  3. Adam Shahin

    The tragic connection in Antigone and Ferguson is when Micheal Brown dies and her brothers death. The play shows social injustice and gives many examples from George Floyd to Breonna Taylor etc. which shows people who were supposed to be protected by police but ended up dying from police. It helps connect to Antigone and Ferguson because in the play they deal with similar situations where someone whose supposed to protect them ends up killing them. The play artist wanted to connect social injustice using ancient greeks and current world problems and I think it was done extremely well. I do think that watching the play did change my view on it and it opened up more explanations and views on it.

  4. Ashley Gonzalez

    The tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the death of Michael Brown. When he passed away his body was left untouched and the main issue is determining how the body should be buried. I believe that the theater had to research the way people back in the day would express themselves such as their language and common mannerisms. Other things that could have been researched is the way the ancient Greeks wouldhand le disputes and what measures peoples punishment for going against their system.

  5. Kimberly

    The tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the death of Michael Brown. There is a disconnection when determining whether the body would be buried. The artists did a very good job recreating the ancient greek tragedy in modern day. It shows that they spent a lot of time researching the language and history of Antigone. They also show a lot of emotion with the conflict of the burial.

  6. Gerardo Ramos

    o He was not looked as a person no more but as a thing. His body was left on the street for hours
    o The theater had to do a lot of research. To not only find a play to connect to the people but how can you bring it together that people can see the correlations today that is going on today. They also had to test out the music that was made for the piece to see if it went well and added to the play.

  7. Rabbi

    The tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the is the death of Michael Brown and also when brother died. The play shoes social justice in our society. I think they do the research in a different way then us. The reason is they need every details of the history otherwise they can reflect something that never happened and mislead the audience.

  8. Jacky Li

    Despite the fact that the play Antigone took place during a different time period, it has many similarities to the politics of today. In Antigone we see the authority of King Creon being challenged by Antigone because she feels compelled to fight for her dead brother. On the other hand, her sister Ismene is presented with a dilemma because she does not want to disobey the law even though her own blood is asking her to do so. We can relate this the tension between police in America and American citizens. The events that took place in Ferguson is one example of the injustice that police have done to the black community. It started many protests in support of Mike Brown and to ask for accountability. However, there are also many who support the cops thus creating a division. The writers of the modified play did a good Jon connecting the play to modern society. This was done well because they allowed members of the community to be involved in the writing process. There was a feeling of authenticity and raw emotion that came from the performance. They also used this opportunity to speak with the cops in the area.

  9. Romuald Thomas

    The unfortunate link between Antigone and Ferguson is Michael Brown’s death and the death of her brother. When deciding whether or not the body should be buried, there is a disconnect. The artists did an excellent job of modernizing the old Greek tragedy. It shows social injustice and gives multiple examples such as George Floyd. It demonstrates that they spent a significant amount of time researching Antigone’s language and history. They also display a great deal of emotion as a result of the burial dispute. The details show how both situations have someone that was supposed to keep the person safe, who turns out to be the one that killed them at the end.

  10. Jenny

    The connection of the death of Antigones brother and the death of Micheal Brown. Authority is suppse to protect the people but in the play and in real life they fail to show them the connection with modern day events.

  11. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    The tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the death of Michael Brown. Antigones’ brother was killed in war and left to be defiled and eaten, almost as if he didn’t matter because of what side he chose. Michael Browns’ body was defiled by the police like he didn’t matter. Creon abused his power much as the police did. The research that was done must have been extensive and more personal than what say a news reporter would do. Simply because an entire protest went on because of it in his hometown and being able to link that back to a greek play. They had to really speak to people in the community and connect with them emotionally in order to translate into the play.

  12. Hadassel Gomez

    The tragic connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the death of Michael Brown. Whether they should have buried Michael’s body or not. It’s an engaging recreation of the original story. It was a good idea to adapt this story to a modern-day situation to create awareness among this generation.

  13. Eric

    The connection between Antigone and Ferguson is the death of Michael Brown. Like tyrant, Creon was a hungry power leader that only cared about his image and what he wanted. Creon’s tragic flaws were his stubbornness, the abuse of power and the actions he took to cause the downfall of the Thebes. His abuse with in power with the authority can relate to how corrupt police officers doing their jobs. Antigone was a woman of honor, and defying Creon, the personification of oppression and abusive power. Creon has the same bearing and arrogance as of corrupt police officers today and with the flaws of the justice system, it’s mainly humans to blame.

  14. Valentina

    The connection between Antigone and Ferguson is Michael brown death . The had to do a good research to see what fits in with a modern life. What would be their limit between not being too much but just enough so if can be a good play. The voice were amazing ! I think it’s hard to find such voices that blend in with the play some voices would sound off with what the play is intend to tell. There were many emotions that made this play a great twist to modern life.

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