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ENG1121 English Composition 2, FA2021 OL33

ENG1121 English Composition 2, FA2021 OL33

An advanced course in expository essay writing that requires a library paper. Further development of research and documentation skills (MLA style). Assigned literary and expository readings. This is a course using the Core Books at CUNY and First Year Writing curricula. (We’re reading a lot, but you don’t have to buy a textbook for this class, because all our texts are online! Woot!) Together, we will explore and write within new genres, conduct research, and reflect on our writing practices. By the end of this semester, you’ll be able to analyze and participate in genres inside and outside of higher education. The aim is to build skills that will be useful in future coursework, the workplace, and in your personal lives. In other words, this course isn’t self-contained—we’re aiming to give you a toolbox of skills that you can apply to other classes and situations.

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