Monday, October 18

Before class on Monday, READ & WRITE:

  • My Announcement that introduces the play, Antigone, and its characters.
  • Sophocles, Antigone (pp.1-21).
    • Some of the grammar and vocabulary may be challenging, so be sure to read it long before class (suggestion: the night before, not five minutes before).
  • Respond to the Discussion Question â€śCentral Conflict” (click on the red text)
    • From what you have read so far, what do you think the main conflict of the play is?
    • Just hit “reply” to this question and answer it before class!

During class, we’ll WRITE about and DISCUSS Antigone:

  • Write a Post titled Full Name, Characters of Antigone and saved under the category Unit 2 Work. The post should have two paragraphs that include the following:
    • Paragraph 1: Re-read the first 100 lines (pages 1-5) of the play, and write some adjectives that come to mind describing the two sisters (Antigone and Ismene). With these characteristics in mind, what actors would you cast in the role of Antigone and Ismene if this were a movie? Why?
    • Paragraph 2: Re-read Creon’s monologue (pp. 6-8), Creon’s interactions with the guard (pp. 8-13), and the section between Antigone and Creon after she is brought before him (pp.13-21) in order to gain a sense of Creon’s character. If Creon lived in today’s world, on which social media platform would his monologue appear? Why would he use this platform? What traits does he have that would make him choose this platform? Using the conventions of the platform, rewrite a section of the monologue in modern language.
    • We’ll be writing and discussing your responses to these questions during class, so having read the pages mentioned above before class is vital.
    • If you miss this class, be sure to complete the above assignment before class on Wednesday. This is one of those low-stakes writing assignments that’s worth 30% of your overall grade, so it’s important you complete it!

Wednesday, October 20

Before class on Wednesday, READ & WRITE:

  • Read Sophocles, Antigone (pp. 22-45)
    • Again, be sure to read it before class!
  • Write a Post titled Full Name, Did Antigone engage in civil disobedience? and save it under the category Unit 2 Work that includes the following (at least 100 words):
    • A definition for the term “civil disobedience,” and explain whether or not you think Antigone is engaged in an act of civil disobedience.
    • We’ll discuss this in class, so complete this post before we meet!

During class, we’ll DISCUSS:

  • What happened to Antigone, Ismene, Creon, and Creon’s son (Haemon) and wife (Eurydice) by the end of the play?
  • Your answers to the question: “Did Antigone engage in civil disobedience?” in small groups and as a class.
  • During class, we’ll reflect/write and then share our ideas about the Discussion Question â€śBrainstorming Topics for the Unit 2 Assignment” (click on the red text):
    • Antigone’s feelings about what happened to her brother Polyneices and the injustice done to him move her to action. What are some social justice issues (local or global) that you feel strongly about and might inspire you to act?
    • Make a list of at least three issues (think about laws, policies, movements, etc.). Contemplate issues or problems–local, national, global–that matter to you and that you have questions about.
    • Just hit “reply” to this prompt!

After class, students will do the following before class on Monday, October 25:

Review the RESOURCE:


Developing Research Questions

  • Look at the social justice issues you and your peers posted on the Discussion Question: “Brainstorming Topics for the Unit 2 Assignment” on Wednesday.
  • Then choose the one you think is the most interesting (from either your list or your classmates’ lists).
  • Set a timer and spend 30 minutes googling the issue you’ve selected, and bookmark articles or copy links that look compelling. Take notes on key ideas and questions related to your topic.
  • Write a Post titled Full Name, Social Justice Brainstorm and saved under the category Unit 2 Work that includes the following:
    • Identify the social justice issue you have decided to use for the Annotated Bibliography Project.
    • Write a short paragraph summarizing what you learned in your preliminary research.
    • From there, develop two or three new questions you have about your social justice issue.
      • These should not be “yes or no” questions, but deeper and more comprehensive questions. Keep in mind words like “why” and “how” when developing these questions.
      • For example, if my social justice issue is “accessibility in the remote learning environment,” I would think about questions like “how does an instructor create an effective online class that is equitable and accessible to all participants” or “why are some students falling behind when learning online?” One of these might then become my research question for the Annotated Bibliography Project.