Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Discussion Question: “Student Samples — Annotated Bibliography Project”

Read the student samples again.

  • Notice the formatting and technical elements. What makes the pieces look finished and professional? What might need improvement?
  • What does this tell you about the work you’ll need to be doing over the next few weeks?
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  1. Tenzin Norbu

    The examples are very organized, I know which part of what thanks to his/her labels. Both show a good amount of research was done on the topic that they are both discussing. What I am getting at from these examples is that this next unit will be research heavy and we must actually understand what we have researched.

  2. Lisa

    Both examples are formatted differently, one has more specific questions with answers and the other doesn’t. Unlike the annotated bibliography i did before, these one includes citations at the beginning of each explanation rather than all at the end on a works cited page. I’m not sure what needs improvement if they both follow the outline given by the prof. However I do like how one of them has more specific questions with answers to i guess help the reader get a better and deeper sense of what they’re talking about.

  3. Jacky Li

    One of them was double spaced and the other was not. Example 1 also has bullet points which example 2 does not. Firstly, I want to think about a research question that I genuinely care about. Next, most of the time would need to be spent finding sources and reading them thoroughly.

  4. adisa dumani

    i like how both are organized you what what section you’re reading whether it be the introduction the citations or the summary, its all underlined and hard to miss and with the summary , it explains it thoroughly. i like how one of the assignment is double-spaced, to me it looks more professional and easier to follow along . this shows that i need to have everything ready and organized to put together for the final piece, i need to make sure my thoughts and summaries make sense and go hand in hand with the quotes citations and everything else ill be writing about and to use the right format so it can look more professional.

  5. Gerardo Ramos

    What makes the piece look professional and polished is the formatting. The way you have to look up these quotes and explain where you got it from and what the source was discussing. Both examples looked good in terms of formatting not sure what might need improving.
    This is showing me that for the next few weeks I am going to was to get good at quoting and get a fair amount of sources. So a fair amount of reading to be done.

  6. Rabbi

    I think the difference between example no. 1 and no. 2 is the way it presented. No. 1 is more arranged. Both of them have citation. I think upcoming weeks we have to do a lot of research on our subjects or issue we chose. How to do the citation correct way.

  7. Hadassel Gomez

    In the annotated bibliography examples I noticed that both have an introduction and three different citations, but It could probably be less or more than that. Each citation includes a summary and a reflection. This makes it look organized and therefore, professional. The first thing I thought while looking at the two examples was that this unit 2 assignment is going to be long but hopefully It will be a good experience.

  8. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    The examples look thorough and well structured. They both seem detailed and easy to comprehend. They show that they did complete research and know the topic well. I think we have to be focused on detail and make sure everything has its place.

  9. Romuald Thomas

    Both samples have distinct formats; one contains more explicit questions with answers, while the other does not. Unlike my previous annotated bibliography, this one provides citations at the start of each explanation rather than at the end of the works cited page. I’m not sure what has to be fixed.

  10. Valentina

    To make a professional and finish is by having clear and well researched work. Understanding the reading and explaining the research you write. I have to be prepared to know what to find information that is reliable. My view points should be organized. Each parched should organized by categories within the topic.

  11. Afroza

    Students sample both are same style. Example one have double space but example two don’t have double space. However, both of are started with research question and introduction. They can use any graph or more explain that can help them better. Also, for sample 2 they must need to double space.

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