Prof. Jessica Penner | OL33 | Fall 2021

Discussion Question: “Annotated Bibliography Project”

Think about the words used to identify this assignment (“annotated” and “bibliography”), and free write what those words mean to you.

  • If you did an annotated bibliography in a previous class (such as English 1101), briefly mention your experience with the assignment.
  • As you look through the guidelines, write down questions you have about this project.
  • Just hit “reply.” You don’t have to make a post!


  1. Gerardo Ramos

    My experience with an annotated bibliography is fairly good. It is a bit annoying to get all the references together but honestly it helps me organize my thoughts and helps me write the paper. I kinda format like for each source it is roughly two paragraphs per source depending on the assignment.

    The questions I have about the assignment is I usually like to write about the homeless population, can I still use that as a topic or no since you used it in class.

  2. Maria Ramos

    if I remember currently an annotated bibliography started with a summary of the topic we were going to discuss and also briefly answer the question we imposed. Then we would talk about the topic like the pros and cons and how it effects certain people. Basically breaking down the topic more in order to get a final answer or a conclusion.

    I don’t really have any questions as I am quite familiar with this type or writing but definitely not an expert.

  3. Jacky Li

    Annotated bibliography means to properly cite the sources that the information was gathered from. I have written annotated bibliographies previously and I feel that I need to refresh myself on the proper formatting used. Additionally, I want to find the proper sources I need for my question before I start writing. This will help me be more organized.

  4. Tenzin Norbu

    Annotated to me means to analyze and summarize a text, like when reading an article we annotate it to have a better understanding of what the writer is trying to convey to the audience. A Bibliography to me means an index of all the sources you cited in your writing, this is to give proper credit to the research of the writers of the texts we read.

  5. Staceyydeleon

    I have written an annotated bibliography in a previous class where we had two parts the annotation and citation. The annotation included a brief summary of the source.

  6. Lisa

    An annotated bibliography is writing about a topic with evidence via research. In my last English class we did an annotated bibliography on current events i believe and I wrote about the covid pandemic and how it affected people’s mental health. It was cool to do research on this topic too mainly because since the pandemic was so fresh it made me very interested in hearing what people were feeling and going through currently.

  7. Vimalsan Manoharan

    This project seems similar to the research paper I had to do in English 1101 and funny enough I researched the effects of homelessness during/after covid. Annotated to me means more information to a certain sentence or paragraph, and this instance, a question. A bibliography can be a list of things you’ve chosen to help further your point in the paper. I don’t have any questions cause I feel the research paper is very straightforward and to the point.

  8. adisa dumani

    i have heard of the term annotated bibliography before but ive never had to do an assignment on it, what i know about the term from what i’ve heard from the past is that it has to do with explaining and summarizing the sources you have used and listed in your assignment. a question i have is, how much detail goes into a annotated bibliography? do we need to write a lot of is a couple of short sentences enough for it to be considered an annotated bibliography.

  9. Romuald Thomas

    A bibliography is a list of publications about a specific subject, period, or author, frequently with descriptive or critical notes. Annotating is when you taking notes and giving explanations about the text. Each of your sources is described, critiqued, and evaluated in a short paragraph in an annotated bibliography. Because you can see what has already been published about your issue, it can also help you remember specific information contained in your source and can often function as a catalyst for future research.

  10. Jenny

    Annotated bibliography in my previous class English 1101 it was kinda hard at the beginning for me but I had a good professor who always took the time to teach me and overall help me improve on my writing.
    One question I have for this project how I can a improve more on my writing or in my grammar

  11. Demetrius Brown-Williams

    My experience with annotated bibliographies started in high school. I know what they are but till this day it just seems redundant. We’re writing an essay to explain what we wrote in our essay, for what? I can understand summarizing our sources but the structure of it seems pointless and tedious to me.

  12. Hadassel Gomez

    Annotated: These are annotations used to explain something or to add more information about a topic.

    Bibliography: A bibliography is a list of sources used in the process of researching a work. It is often used at the end of powerpoint presentations and other works.

    I don’t think I have ever done an annotated bibliography in any other class yet.

  13. Rabbi

    I think as far as I remember I think it wasn’t easy for me when I was in Eng 1101. If I am not wrong I think we have to search for sources and then we have to give opinion about that and citation as well. If you show us process again that will be great.

  14. Valentina

    Annotated bibliography is basically a writing a topic with enough research to support it. It’s a a brief summary and cite of books websites you use as i recall, i would say its kinda of easy and not because i have experience of having topics that don’t have much information on the web or books and other have a lot to say.

  15. Afroza

    Annotated bibliography is basically a topic about what you research about your topic. I really like this because I did my English 1101 and my topic was freedom for women. I research some online and some of from city tech libraries and my professor gave us link how we can research from libraries. Also, when I researched I realize I learned new some things about others life that If can’t researched i never knew what’s going on their life. Also, this bibliography help to show what I can explain about my topic, what’s my genre, how can I reach my audience about my topic.

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