Professor Jessica Penner / Peer Mentors David Mendez Medina & Christian Lozano

Reflection #9

We invite you to tell a story about how you prepared to be a City Tech student. Research has shown that first-semester students often worry about their transition to college, yet eventually they become comfortable and find a community of people with whom they are close and feel they belong. Share your own story of preparing to be a college student. What has your journey been so far?

*This reflection is inspired by the “Our Stories” project.


  1. Rosdnier Grullon

    My journey started all back in my senior year in highschool. I finished applying to a bunch of colleges to see were I would end up with and to see if one of those colleges had my major. In school my ELA and Government and Politics and Economics class which prepared me how to write a college style essay for college when I saw I got appeared into City Tech College I knew I had to go there because it had my major and it’s affordable after getting my supplies ready for the summer I got prepared to go to City Tech college.

    • Christian Lozano

      The first two years of college are honestly like 13th and 14th grade. It’s not as bad as teachers made it out to be and it honestly depends on your major as well.

  2. Chitra Dehol

    My journey to become a college students started back in high school senior year when i took college classes to gain college credit. The course was tough to understand and i know for sure actual college will be hard and i would have to put more effort into my studying and work. Also, i was worried and kind of sad because i would have to meet new people again and in a new environment. But my experience so far is great i meet a bunch of new people who are very friendly and willing to help.

    • Christian Lozano

      College can be hard but from what I hear many people found the AP courses harder than the actual college courses so you’re “over-prepared” which is great because it should help you take on difficult assignments much more easily than if you didn’t take AP courses.

  3. Nour Bahlool

    My journey for prepping to become a college student consisted of doing lots of research on the majors that City Tech had and then eventually choosing one I thought I would fit into the best. I also did lost of research and “studying” on City Techs programs and clubs to see how it was going to be. After that I couldn’t really do much else other than actually go to the college and begin classes. This is where I really assimilated and made friends after a while and got to really know the school.

    • Christian Lozano

      That’s how it goes for most people. I transferred here from city college and honestly I’ve had much better experiences here and have received more help than I could really imagine. Just take the time to get to know the resources and you’re golden.

  4. Mishelle Zayas

    I prepared to be a City Tech student by talking to my friend cousin that attends the school. She helped me understand what was going to be different from high school and told me what she recommends for me to do. I also went on the city tech website and took a virtual tour. So far city tech is what I expected and the people here are nice and willing to help when your in need.

    • Christian Lozano

      Just like any other cuny it’s not perfect but this school does a lot more for their students than any other college and I greatly appreciate that. If it weren’t for the peer mentoring program I might’ve never even gone to the professional development center and realize how good they were.

  5. Kaylin

    My journey of preparing for highschool started back in my junior year of highschool. We had to make a list of colleges that we researched and we felt was would be a good fit. Then senior year came and we applied to the colleges. My experience was kind of fun because my school did a whole bunch of different celebrations for us and it was fun.

    • Christian Lozano

      It’s cool that your school had celebrations. At mines all the seniors would just sit around applying and talking so it was a pretty chill time. Maybe look around for clubs that interest you or just talk to people in class to get to know more people.

  6. Kimberly

    I prepared being a city tech student back during my senior year when I finally decided what career I wanted to pursue. City tech was the one out of two cuny’s that offered a major in what I wanted to pursue. It wasn’t much to prepare just felt that I needed to find studying methods to have a good first semester.My journey so far has been all right.

    • Christian Lozano

      The first semester is usually kinda “meh.” But just know that you need to put in the effort to make your college life interesting. Everyone minds their own business too much so it can be real boring if you never reach out.

  7. Elina

    I started preparing to be a college student my senior year of high school. I was looking into possible majors I wanted to pursue although I didn’t quite know what exactly. Im a college freshman now and I decided I want to do human services. My experience has been great overall but I still faced challenges.

  8. Shannel

    I prepared being a city tech student in high school by doing research on the school, attending a workshop in the summer and a tour which allowed me to get familiarized with the area and not feel so lost when I actually started the new semester. I was able to figure out my major with the help of some college advisor’s and family in high school. So far, my experience has been interesting and insightful I’m looking forward in continuing this journey.

  9. Christopher Ortega

    The way I prepared for college is talking to myself and telling myself not to worry and saying that this is going to be way more different than high school. People are more mature and wanna learn, and the classes are based on what you want to learn and what you are majoring in which makes you want to pay attention. Also, another way I prepared myself is talking to my parents. They really helped me when I started getting nervous or having anxiety about this new chapter in my life. So I really appreciate my parents for helping me getting prepared for this new chapter in my life.

  10. Julio Verdugo

    The way i prepared myself for college was just understanding that the work load would be much more and i should be ready to do any work and for long days and since i did present time everything feels more fluid and calm as well as researching and finding out what colleges have a closer commute.

  11. Eshal

    I started preparing for college back in senior year of high school, all of my teachers, both principal and assistant principal helped my classmates and I when we needed helped and rooted us on. They really helped me gather my thoughts/gave me an idea of how college would be like, my friends helped me choose which college would be the most beneficial for my major when I wasn’t able to decide. I knew I needed to focus and study hard in college instead of slacking off like I did back in high school. I was anxious and nervous at first since this was a new experience to me but now I feel comfortable and less nervous about this journey

  12. fayzah

    Help from family and a few college advisors during my high school years helped me choose my major. I am eager to continue this adventure because thus far, my experience has been educational and fascinating.I enrolled in college courses to get college credit during my senior year of high school, which marked the beginning of my quest to become a college student.

  13. Emily

    I was quite anxious about college, wondering if it would be the right match for me. Luckily, my friends who had attended college before and my high school counselors provided me with a lot of support. My close friend guided me with every part of FASFA, including creating my semester schedule and choosing the most suitable professors.  While assisting me in finding my classes, another friend of mine who attends City Tech helped me get my student ID and gave me a tour of the campus while looking for my classes before school started. Overall, my experience was very good because I was surrounded by the most supportive people. 

  14. wendy lopez

    I prepared to be a college student back in senior year, I was taking college level classes that gave me an idea of how college would be next year with extensive readings and hard deadlines. I also heard other peoples experiences which gave me a mentality that it wasn’t going to be easy nor impossible. I got a lot of help from my counselor when i was doing my college application and it made me feel like i wasn’t alone.

  15. Jaylin

    What my journey been so far to prepare for to be a college student is that back in highschool I was preparing for college already . In my junior year I was looking at colleges I wanted to go to and what I wanted to major in I visited colleges I was taking college now classes etc . But not only did highschool academically support me they also told me about fasfa and asap many other opportunities I can have with going to college . When I graduated highschool I took a gap year and started when I did the application on my own it was pretty easy not hard it’s when I was filling out my fasfa it was kinda hard because certain things they asked for I didn’t know but ended up learning about them by looking more into it searching it up etc . Now I am here a first year college student going to obtain her associate and I will continue to keep going no matter how hard it gets that is how my journey has been .

  16. Makayla

    To prepare for the start of my first semester at city Tech I saved up for some electronic supplies I needed like a keyboard and iPad case. I also got my financial aid in order and stopped working as much so I can get ready to be in class a lot more.

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