Professor Jessica Penner / Peer Mentors David Mendez Medina & Christian Lozano

Reflection #4

Many of City Tech’s programs and labs are unique; they are not found in any other CUNY college. What did you learn in today’s session about the Health Science Department at City Tech? What other majors or departments might you like to learn about at City Tech? Please share your thoughts.


  1. Kaylin

    A few things i learned today during todays session are , students admitted at city tech with an i treat in any clinical programs are placed in the undeclared/unclassified majors. A skill to be successful as a nurse is specialized knowledge,skill and independent decision making. I think i’d like to learn more about radiology.

    • David Mendez Medina

      That’s great that you want to learn more! There are a lot of people in the program that I think could help you and could even show you around.

  2. Rosdnier Grullon

    The learned today the requirements in order to get in the medical programs at City tech the minimum gpa and the courses that are needed. I would like to learn more about radiology since it’s my major.

    • David Mendez Medina

      There are many ways to learn about your major exploring the city tech website does not hurt and asking professors in that program what exactly they teach and ask from students does not hurt most of the time.

  3. fayzah

    The students admitted to City Tech with an I treat in any clinical programs are placed in the undeclared/unclassified majors, among other things I learnt today during the workshop. Specialized knowledge, skill, and independent decision-making are necessary for nursing success.

    • David Mendez Medina

      That’s great! Can I ask what lead you to choosing your major?

  4. fayzah

    The students admitted to City Tech with an I treat in any clinical programs are placed in the undeclared/unclassified majors, among other things I learnt during today’s seminar. Specialized knowledge, expertise, and independent judgment are necessary for nursing success.

  5. Sor rosario

    What i learned today about the health science department is that it all depends on your major there is a minimum gpa average that are needed and that able for you to get in the medicals program you need to wait until you get approved from the program which can take very long for some people.

    • David Mendez Medina

      It may take a while to get accepted into the program but while you wait enjoy yourself at city tech and find clubs you want to join and activities you want to do. Stay positive even if it takes a while.

  6. Kimberly

    What I learned in the session about the Health science department was that in order to pursue a bachelors in radiological sciences I’d have to obtain my license first then be able to.Other majors I’d like to learn more about is healthcare policy & management BS.

    • Christian Lozano

      It’s definitely a lot that you need to do to get into the program. You should probably prepare for it to take 5 years if you don’t take summer classes.

  7. Shannel

    What I learned about the health science department was the different requirements that city tech has for a couple of programs. For instance, dental hygiene. I learned it’s about a 2–3-year process. The GPA requirements are about a 2.5-3.4 and the limited seats that they have for the program. Personally, I would like to go more in dept on what to expect when entering these types of programs and more of there, benefits.

    • Christian Lozano

      All I can say for sure is that you need to make sure you stay on top of your academics. Even though lower GPAs are the minimum, the higher GPAs are what you need to aim for if you want a good chance of getting in. You also need to prepare to study A LOT.

  8. Julio Verdugo

    For my major biomedical info what i learned is that for all required courses in the major they should be a grade of C or higher as well as the total required credits for the degree is 120 credits. And a world language course should be taken. I would like to learn about being a registered nurse.

    • Christian Lozano

      For courses in your major, definitely do your best to get high grades because they matter a lot more in the health fields than any other major.

  9. Eshal

    What I learned from the health science session was that in order to get into the nursing department I will have to complete all my pre-reqs and get very good stable grades/GPA. I will also have to apply for the nursing test as soon as I finish my pre-req classes. One major I would like to learn more about is Radiology.

  10. Nour Bahlool

    In the session about Health Sciences I learned more about my major that I didn’t know before such as more minor details that aren’t normally mentioned. I also learned to maintain a high GPA and not what is written In the guidelines because it’s more competitive in those areas. I would like to learn more about the Psych departmental City tech.

  11. Christopher Ortega

    When I heard information about my major which is Radiology, I heard about the extra years I have to do after my pre-requisites when I hopefully get in the program. Also I heard it is not easy. I have to maintain a GPA around 2.7 but I want to aim higher that to make sure I am surely to get in the program.

  12. Emily

    I learned during the session that the average RN income is $77,600 and that the TEAS exam is required to enter the nursing school. I was also considering radiology as a major.

  13. Mishelle Zayas

    What I learned today about the health and science department at city tech science is that there’s a test I would need to take in order to the program also there’s certain GPA that I need in order to get in. If not, radiology I would do dental hygiene.

  14. fayzah

    I learned during the session that DENTAL HYGIENE how They work with individuals and populations of all ages in a variety of settings and capacities.and the Average annual salary of a DH is $77,810.

  15. wendy lopez

    In this session about the health science department at city tech I learned that if you want to apply to the pre-clinic phase you have to meet legal residency and that there is no wait list. I would like to know more about radiology.

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