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week 6 Journal – Microcontrollers

The ATMEGA 2560 The ATMEGA 2560 is a high performance, low power 8 bit AVR RISC – based microcontroller manufactured by Atmel. Specifications CPU 8 bit AVR 256 KB of ISP Flash Memory 8 KB SRAM 4KB EEPROM 86 general … Continue reading

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Week 4 Journal – RGB LED lights by J Lara

This week the posts are focusing a lot on actuators, in technology I’ve noticed that the secret is consistency. There’s too much going on in the field, and it’s very easy to loose focus. I don’t think anyone here is … Continue reading

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Week 4 Journal – IR Proximity Sensors

Infrared Proximity Sensor – Sharp 2Y0A710 At this point I see everyone is looking at proximity sensors, I’m particularly looking at this type of sensors to measure proximity of an object, to increase voltage on a circuit, to change the … Continue reading

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Journal week 3

I’ve been browsing in the web for something doable and practical, using Arduino. There’s thousands of projects, but so far what really catches my eyes are the LED displays that have been built using the Arduino. I’m focused on Installation … Continue reading

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Week 2 – Arduinos

I was introduced to Arduinos 2 years ago at an Interactive Media design class. Although I couldn’t find practical application outside educational purposes, today I’ve found so many ways to use an arduino in creating gadgets, displays, and installations. I’m … Continue reading

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Week 1 Journal Entry

Hi Everybody, for those who don’t know me, my name is Jorge, my friends call me George. I’m an Emerging Media senior student. I worked with Arduinos 2 years ago in Prof. Marsh’s Interactive design class, where we used Processing … Continue reading

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