Lab Report 09/11

TITLE: Dissecting UMAX Astra Pix 670

OBJECTIVE: Catalog all the inside components and understand how they are mounted together.

MATERIALS: UMAX Astra Pix 670 digital camera, a cellphone camera, notebook and screwdriver.

METHODS: Sabin took pictures of all inside components and all stages of disassembling the camera: We removed the outer case and detached cables from microcontroller that communicates with the “option” control on the back of the camera. Then we removed the motherboard and we were able to detach the light sensor. At this point we were able to see the lenses underneath. Then we removed aperture control mechanism and remaining circuit boards from casing.

DATA: See photos in the group post.

RESULTS: The group was able to disassemble and reassemble the camera.


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